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The Midwest's Premier Destination 

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Lake of the Ozarks! The Midwest's premier destination for people that enjoy the great outdoors.
The Lake of the Ozarks was created back in 1930's. Since then, the lake has attracted vacationers, nature lovers, and outdoor sport fans. This lake has about 1500 miles of shoreline most of it is privately owned.

The lake is being rediscovered by people and families looking for low cost, high activity vacations. The lake is located within one day drive of major metro areas like Kansas City, Saint Louis, and Chicago. The lake offers fishing, water skiing, pleasure boating and other water activities.

The lake area also offers shopping, fine dining, music shows, cave tours, and many other entertainment opportunities. One of our favorite place to dine is JBHooks on Business Hwy 54. They have great stakes and seafood. Visit their website here: JBHooks

Come and discover this vacation paradise!